Rod @ the desk!

Websites, Computer Training & More:

We do all kinds of Tech on the web – which means we service IT (Information Technology) issues including training, security, configuration of computers, website creation, coding, and database management. We use the best practices of the industry. We use Adobe products for design and graphic production,  and WordPress for content delivery/database operations.

Webroot Secure Anywhere SoftwareWe install a complete computer security package on your local device.  This is a hands on live installation from secured hard disk directly on your equipment. We proudly feature Webroot software exclusively, as they are the industry leader in this field.

The owner is me — Rod Page, and I reside in Lewiston, a small mountain town in Trinity County, California — just about 35 minutes from Redding. The company strives on consistent and prompt service, and we look forward to getting a chance to earn your continued business. Rod has over ten years helping customers put together well designed and implemented websites and databases, content delivery services and internet security. Before this he spent 30 years in business for local and national companies. He has managed business and can offer a depth of understanding and a broad experience base to help you implement your web presence in a secure and inviting manner.

If you wish to contact Rod, please email him at You can also call at (530) 917-8376. Please see our new blog on the menu above. We will be posting articles on all things IT very soon.

BTW, yes, this is me, Rod Page, in this picture, and yes, I am at the beach in this picture, where I would be now if it was not for needing to make a living. I do not know exactly why I love the beach but I know this….. I have not had too many bad days near the water’s edge.

I also teach beginning Keyboards – the piano type of keyboard that is. see our page on the menu.